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radius & Dia Dims & Dual demensioning

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Normally in my drawings I use just the primary dimensions (set as fractions) however sometimes in the same drawing I use the secondary dim for a decimal dimension... This used to work not bad (except for the blasted brackets I always have to delete) Tollerencing the secondary dimension is a pain but possible.

In VW 9.5 when I chage a raduis or dia dimension to "dual" I can not turn off the primary dim or get to the seconday dim to delete the brackets.

Is there something I can do to make it work again?

Thanks, Heather confused.gif" border="0

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Whether or not it is tough isn't an issue for me (but it's often very difficult from the outside to tell how difficult something is on the inside) - i'm more concerned about adding complexity. We need compelling reasons to add anything that we add. To be compelling, it must be something lots of users would want, or a few users very much need. And it has to be more important than other things that users want since there's a finite amount of work we can do an any given release.

So: is turning off brackets something you personally would want to do, or some known dim standards would require?

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No - this is core functionality that would affect all versions. But our built-in dimension standards would probably not change, it would just let you change a custom standard to not have the brackets.

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