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Converting of .px plug ins


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I have some great plug ins from VW 11.5 that i want to import into VW2011.

They are VW encrypted Vectorscript files with a .px extension. Is there any way to convert them so that they work in VW2011? Is it just a matter of changing the file extension?


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The .px extension represents an include file for the plug-ins. If the plug-in has been encrypted, it sucks in the code from the .px file into the encrypted plug-in and you don't need it any more (unless of course you want to re-make the plug-in).

If the plug-ins have been encrypted, chances are they will work in 2011. Just copy them to your 2011 user plug-ins folder and add them to your workspace. If they have not been encrypted, you will have to copy both the plug-ins and the .px include files to 2011.

One caveat is that functions do depreciate as VectorScript evolves, so a small handful of scripts will not work in 2011. A number of dialog handling functions will become obsolete in 2012 (or maybe 2013 -- can't remember). If your plug-in throws errors or warnings in 2011, you will have to fix the code. If they are encrypted but you still have the .px include files, you should be able to recreate your plugins somewhat easily.


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