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Not snapping to layers

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I'm having trouble with getting 2D snapping to work here and I don't know what's going on (other than I know I'm about to lose my mind).

I'm used to being able to work on a layer that's above another layer. With both "Classes" and "Layers" being set to "Show/Snap Others" I can snap to points on other layers or in other classes. Now, I have my Snapping Window open and all my appropriate options checked (the only ones unchecked are Snap to Angle, Snap to Distance and Snap to Tangent). My classes and layers are set to "Show/Snap Others" and my view is set to "Top/Plan." I have made sure my layers are aligned and that my imported topography layer (which I am trying to snap to) is indeed 2D lines/polys. So my question is, why won't Vectorworks snap between layers? If I am on the topographic layer (Layer 2), things snap fine, but if I am on the layer above (a layer I am using for space planning), I cannot snap to the layer below. What gives?

**Problem resolved. It looks like one of the layer scales was accidentally changed at some point. Snapping now works correctly. Odd that you can't snap to lines that exist on another layer if the layer scales are different.

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I am having trouble snapping in the annotations space of a Sheet Layer Viewport.


  • The two items I want to snap to are on different layers (but the same scale)
  • I can snap to them both when in a design layer
  • Snap to object is on
  • Though irrelevant when in a annotation space of a sheet layer VP - Layer options are set to snap others


Any other ideas?



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Try turning on all classes in the workspace.

If a class is currently set to invisible in the workspace but set to visible in a viewport and there is an object in that class in the VP annotations, you will be able to see the object but maybe not select or snap to it. 

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I just found this thread when searching about the issue that I was having.. I was able to fix the problem by resetting the view so that I was in top view. I hope OP's issue has been resolved already, but just in case anyone else has this issue & finds this thread - try resetting your view!! 🙂

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