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there are several good 3rd party add-ons that are not listed on the NVW web site, yet there are other manufactures that embrace 3rd party products.

I have been looking at web site design software and I had a look at a product called Rapidweaver. What surprised me is the intergration of 3rd party product on the web site, and on the program itself. One developer designed a plugin called a stack, and this has created even more add-ons that use the stack technology. rapidweaver have not tried to keep the 3rd party developers away from the users, they have added a button on the main web design window that takes you straight to the add-ons page.

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I know years ago there was an add on for unfolding cardboard designs but has anyone seen a 3rd Party Add-on for sheet steel CNC fabrication? I'm interested in something that would UNFOLD a 3D design based on the steel's gage & not have to calculate all the bends by hand.

ALMA CAD has a module that does this but it only works with their software

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Jonathan I don't know if you have ever looked at Joomla for websites but it is a very easy content management site (CMS) and it is free. There is a program called Artisteer that is similar to the software you were looking at. However, it gives you the ability to make entire HTML/CSS based websites as well as templates for several other CMS based sites such as Wordpress and DotNetNuke just to name a few.



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