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WORKSHEET Complicated formula or NOT Possible?

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Seeking a Database formula for a Worksheet that will call up a SYMBOL with a RECORD and a PLUG-IN inside the symbol AND report them as a single instance in the DATABASE.

What I'm trying to get is a single instance of the object in the DATABASE where I can put Criteria in columns from both the Record attached to symbol and the Plug-in inside the symbol.

Closest I get is a database reporting both the Plug-in and the Symbol.


I'd like to have a window plug-in as a symbol (W-01) which repeats throughout the project. Want to pull Symbol Record info and Plug-in Info from inside the symbol in the Database row.

The Record attached to the Symbol will contain specific info for each instance of (W-01). IE the North/South/East/West direction, wall type & Sill, Jamb and Head Detail # as they vary for each instance of (W-01).

The Plug-in contains the width, height ect. which i'd like displayed in the same Worksheet.

Ideas ???

- my solution to date is 2 Worksheets, one reporting the record and the other reporting Plug-in inside the symbol. The symbol and plug-in have matching IDs (W-01) which are sorted. The worksheets are overlapped beside each other to create one big Window Schedule.

- Any ideas or alternate solutions people are using would be appreciated!

-Should I give up? Is a window the same size and type but different wall, sill, head and jamb - Simply another window type? - Architectural drafting convention?

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This is where the person actually ordering the windows or the person in the field may have the most valuable opinion of "drafting convention"....

What kind of schedule would be the simplest for an installer to use as a reference? Is that the same information for a person doing a window take-off?

I would guess that an installer would either have every window be unique regardless of the specifics, or summarized by the individual unit types, knowing that they would look somewhere else for sill/jamb details. Anything inbetween could become confusing.

Keep in mind that a window of the same size but of a different factory jamb extension, is assumed to be a different window.

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-Should I give up? Is a window the same size and type but different wall, sill, head and jamb - Simply another window type? - Architectural drafting convention?

Well I guess it depends on who the window record is meant for, if it is the window manufacturer then the different sill/head and jamb solutions are not so important (if these are not an actual part of the window), in this case details of different sill/head and jamb solutions for the same window suffice for a builder and don't need to be part of a window record. If these details are an actual part of the window being delivered or are customized in some way to fit the different solutions then of course they must be seen as separate window types. It all comes down to logistics during production and on the building site.

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