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Printed Appearance of Patterns

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In VW 10, Patterns appear in reverse (negative) form from the way they appear on screen.

This is true whether or not the 'Print at on-screen resolution' is selected.

If I switch the background and foreground colors, then the screen appearance is negative.

Is this a bug?

Thanks to anyone who can answer this.

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Do you mean VW 10, or VW2010?

I never saw this.

Are you in black background mode? That reverses some things.

You say you see negative even if you switch foreground and background colors? Weird!

Some things to try"

1. Open a new blank file, create some a new object with pattern. If new file OK, duplicate the problem file and open the dupe. Copy and paste objects or groups of objects from the dupe file into the new file until you find a corrupt one which will cause the problem in the new file.

2. Quit and relaunch VW and try the problem file.

3. Reboot your system, relaunch VW and try the problem file.

4. Check your class definitions. Maybe one uses the negative foreground/background "at creation'.


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It appears that it's a printer driver issue. It prints correctly to a PDF, and to a different printer. HP no longer supports the LaserJet 4MV with an OSX10.6 driver. The printer is more than 10 years old.

It's curious that the problem seems to be limited to the VW Pattern foreground/background colors.

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