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Layer / Screen Plane

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There is a pull down menu in the View Bar at the top of the drawing window that can be set to Screen Plane or Layer Plane. When set to Screen Plane, all 2D objects will be drawn as screen plane objects.

The setting is saved with the document, but you could save it as part of your template file.

If you want it to be saved for new blank documents, create a document named Default.sta in your User folder

User:You:Library:Application Support:Vectorworks:2011:Libraries:Default:Templates

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I find that after selecting the screen plane and then selecting, for instance, the mirror tool the working plane is automatically selected and I then have to reselect the screen plane again. This happens with other tools such as the rotate tool. Is there a way of stopping VW from auto-selecting the working plane.

It also happens when inserting PIOs such as bolts etc when the ground plane is auto-selected no matter in what order I do it.

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It's the 'switching back' that gets me. It seems to do it sometimes when looking at different views in a working plane, suddenly it switches to the ground plane mode, which confusing and irritating.

If anyone has an answer to this I'd also much appreciate it.

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