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Label Legend Swapping Field's Position


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The project I am working on has label legends that have just above the light the unit number field. Just about the unit number in a row is both the universe and channel field. I have the universe field to the left and the channel field to the right. Everything is happy so far. I have a image of my label legend attached.

I apply this to selected fixtures. Still happy. Now I look at a curved truss that I have the units aligned on where the fixtures are essentially rotated in the -153deg area. the unit number appears in the correct position, but the universe and channel field are flip flopping. I am also attaching a picture of this.

Anyone have a solution to this?

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The non-rotating option is not a good option because just about every light on this project is rotated on a curved truss and the spacing is too tight where that would read properly. I attached 2 images showing that.

The lights have been mirrored, but in my opinion that should not matter. Whether or not that is the case is another story.

What is in the images I ended up just renumbering everything just in the channel field with a prefix that is the universe. This is not what I would like to do for paperwork purposes, but graphically it looks how I want.

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I have had a similar issue with non-symetrical label legends but not consistently. After mirroring, I have had some fixtures whose orientations was -180?, and, in those cases, the legends were opposite in appearance from what I wanted. I changed their orientation from -180? to 180?, and they reverted to the correct layout.

I haven't yet messed with this, but, if their is a difference between -180 and 180, perhaps their is a difference between 45? and -315?, for example. By dumb coincidence, I don't recall using a non-symetrical legend on shows where I have non-orthogonal orientations. So, I don't know if that is true or not, but it might be worth a check.

As you noted above, that shouldn't matter geometrically, but it may!


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