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I think the problem is that PDF's are vector based. It is not a matter of DP- it how much line work / model is in the PDF.

It seems that the way a cropped viewport outputs the PDF is to send ALL the information contained in the VP then how to crop it. Copy the VP twice and you get a double up of the large data set.

What it should do is figure out what is cropped and viewable and only send that to the PDF.

Project PDF'ed yesterday, the Details which are in a file with a work group reference each PDF is over 4mb. My drawing set of 35 sheets is over 50mb. My powermac can not handle the file.

NA please sort this out. You have no idea how frustrating it is to have such un sharable / un usable file sharing in this digital age.

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Compare relative file sizes: png, jpg, svg.

Then compare the efficiency of PDF text embedding versus raster bitmap text.

The most efficient process is also the most sufficient and reliable.

A PowerMac should easily handled 50mb PDF files. A 4mb PDF is not exceptional.

It appears that there's something else going on under the hood.

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I think Pdf size now is influenced by the nature of cad ? vector data versus image data ? in other words we now can import and export pdfs with an ability to snap to line work etc

Been down the path of trying to reduce Pdf file size so in VW I go as low as 70 Dpi when exporting and all seems ok for my landscape design drawings - dunno about renders etc

Went to this site and tried their online pdf compress tool ? maximum 5 mb upload ? the file had been exported from VW at 200 Dpi as a Pdf and was 4.64 mb ? it compressed to 2.77 mb which surprised me


The pdf compress tool cost is 99.00 and their suite of tools is over 500.00

Perhaps Acrobat which I do not have can do all of this anyway

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A few observations.

per islandmon, A 50mb pdf file probably wouldn't be causing a problem because of it's size alone, certainly not a 4 or 6mb file. What I have seen however (per Assembly) is a much smaller file with an unholy number of discrete lines & polygons (eg. chairs in a stadium) taking forever to load. Are you using the latest version of Acrobat Reader for this?

Why are we still referring to resolution as dpi rather than ppi - I can output a Sheet at set at 150 'dpi' and print it at 1200 dpi, 600 dpi, 50 dpi - whatever I want.

You might find that there is a single component in your model that is causing the headache. Try turning off classes of hidden objects, stairs, other suspected villains.

Re. StaticDOS I don't believe exporting a 3d PDF is possible yet in Nemetschek Vectorworks although Nemetschek Allplan has had this functionality for some time..

If exporting pdf's from Sheet Layers, perhaps reducing the size of your sheet and re-scaling the viewport is an option. Reducing the ppi (dpi) of the Sheet Layer via the Organizational or Navigational Palette may help.

Un-check all the options in the PDF Conversion.

Export a blank sheet with just your Title-Block & standard data to fix the baseline.

If all else fails you could break-up your project pdf booklet into two or more chapters.

Importing the PDF file into Indesign will allow you to output it at a variety of resolutions.

An online-search of online PDF compressors will produce some useful links.

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On a side note, i believe pdfs 'now' also have the capability to save class and font info, which can contribute to increased file size.

It would be a useful addition to VW if we had more options to control what does and does not get included in pdf (including an 'all image' setting for minimum file size (yes, as an alternative to jpeg or png)) export giving us more control over pdf export sizes.

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Howdy gents, I send my clients quiet alot of PDF's which are mostly of 3D ?

Why not just send jpegs? If they want pdfs you could try exporting jpegs then importing these into a program that has pdf export capabilities ie Office ( on most PCs), Photoshop(not free), Gimp(free) etc? Or even back into VWs and out again as a pdf!? All this will give smaller pdfs......

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