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Cropping a Section Viewport

Neil Barman

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

I am a longtime VW user (in 2D) and I'm now, finally, trying out the Hybrid/3D features.

I'm fairly well versed in dealing with viewports and have just tried using Section Viewports (via View > Create Section Viewport...). I can make them and do most things with them that I can with plan viewports, but I can't figure out how to crop them. When I try to edit their crop, there is no crop box to adjust, and the section viewport's Object Info says it's not cropped.

So, how does one crop a section viewport?

Thanks in advance.


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Double click the SVP (or right click) and choose Edit Crop. Then just draw the object you want to use as a cropping object. Hint 1: you can use any close shape for a crop. It can a circle, rectangle, polygon, etc. Hint 2: if you don't want the cropping object to be visible, give it a line weight of zero, or make it white...

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Ah ha! So you can draw the crop right into the VP! I knew both of your hints but I didn't realize you could draw the cropping object right into an existing SVP. (I have been drawing the cropping objects (for plan VPs) _before_ creating a VP.)

Thank you Peter!

(And I'll take care of the signature in a sec. I've been meaning to do so, so it's good to know how useful it can be for others.)

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