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Noob question- I am trying to link my title block to current views in my drawing- ie: when i am in plan view i want the title block to read "PLAN", then "SIDE", "FRONT", "ISO", etc...

Is there a way to do this without having to retype my data in the title block each time i want to print?

Thanks in advance,


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I use only one sheet layer per print size. I did that mainly because I used to have to print on multiple printers and plotters frequently and that way I could link the Page Setup to only one Sheet Layer which would effect all of my printouts.

I navigate this making a series of classes called "Print-XXX". For example,

Print-01 Plot

Print-02 Section

Print-03 Booms

Print-04 Practicals

Or as a TD, there might have hundreds.

I then bounced around using saved views.

What are the P_ and S_ functions you mentioned?



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P and S are project and sheet. they are values you can give a title block and have it relay through all sheet layers. Example- I set up with 5 sheet layers- plan, side, front, iso, front pers. I give my title block data entry values as P_(title) for anything you want to appear on every sheet, and s_(title) for anything you want sheet specific. I also create viewports for each sheet, may not be the most efficient way, but i like it better than editing my title block every time i want to print.

So many different ways to do things here...

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Here are the paths to the articles in VW Help. It's worthwhile to set up.

"Home / Vectorworks Fundamentals / Adding Text and Annotation / Adding a Sheet Border / Creating a Custom Title Block in Vectorworks"

"Home / Vectorworks Design Series / Advanced Topics / Creating a Custom Title Block in Vectorworks Design Series"

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