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Smartedge / Drafting Question


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Hi, this is kind of a difficult question to explain, so here's a scenario:

I have my exterior walls drawn and I know I want an interior wall 5' away from one of the ext. walls. In ACAD I could hover over the ext. wall, drag out an 'inference' line and type in 5'. The starting point of my new wall would be 5' away from the ext. wall.

Currently I draw an int. wall and use a dimension line to set the distance, but it seems less speedy.

This was about the only drafting feature I liked in AutoCad :) is there some way to do it in VW?

Or is there a faster alternative?



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- Place the cursor over a point and press the G key to get a temporary datum.

- Move the cursor in the direction you want to have defined and tab into the L field in the floating data bar and enter the distance you require (a temporary datum lines will show).

- Start drawing from the point where the cursor now is.

- Use the U key to change the wall reference mode as necessary.


You can also draw the wall immediately alongside the first wall and use Offset in Offset Original mode to move it to the required location.

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