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VectorWorks Viewer? How about AutoVue??

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Is any one else out there as disappointed with the VectorWorks viewer as I am. I run a cabinet engineering department and would like to supply all of my plants with a viewer and allow them to access the drawings via the network. Unfortunately, the VectorWorks Viewer will only open version 9 files. Why can't Nemetschek supply a true viewer, not a VectorWorks v9 program with allot of blocks put in. In my opinion this program is worthless!! I started looking for third party viewers but couldn't find one that will open .mcd files. I did however find a company that has an impressive viewer that supports a tremendous number of file formats. The company is Cimmetry Systems Inc., and their program is AutoVue. Check out there website (www.cimmetry.com)and look at all of the file formats that their program can view. I spoke with a representative of their company and she suggested that the users should encourage Nemetschek to partner with Cimmetry and allow them to support .mcd files. You can help by flooding this bulletin board with responses to this posting.

P.S. Saving the files in a different format (like PDF) is a ridiculous suggestion when you are dealing with thousands of drawings you are trying to make available to everyone in the company.

Thank you,

James Sleuteljames_Sleutel@armstrong.com

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