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orso b. schmid

Anomaly: slow "save" on Window Server 2003

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We are searching advise for an anomaly leading to extremely slow "save" when saving VW files to a Window 2003 server.

The save action will take about 1 minute each 10 MB.

This occurs only on "Save", but NOT on "Save as", IF the file thus created is new. If the file overwrites, then it's slow. If it doesn't overwrite is extremely fast.

We tend to believe that the slow down occurs upon trying to delete the temp-file created by VW. Perhaps this deletion is delayed for some reason by the server. A time out to be waited for?

The issue won't occur upon saving PDF, Photoshop files, no matter how large. But it seems to occur in minor extent upon saving Illustrator files or excel files.

The network is Gigabit fast. The clients are either WinXP or Win7. Both show the same identical issue.

* we excluded any interference with virus scanner,

* tested all permissions, both server-side and client-side

* changed all ethernet cables,

* changed network card,

* added a second network card,

* changed the switch,

* excluded all clients (20 incl. printers, fax....) re-adding them one by one.

* removed all hard disks but the main one and re-added them,

* disabled indexing on the involved folders

* disabled shadow copies on the server

+ a number of things that our PC admin did, and I don't know what it was.

Please don't tell me upgrade to Mac. I know.

I believe that we could have bought many many Mac servers with the money we spent in fixing all issues that these Win server had and will always have.


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