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Adding molding to walls

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If you want to create an accurate model then probably using Extrude Along Path (EAP) is the best solution. One tip is to place these types of objects into their own discreet class(es) as they will for sure add to the render time. Then you can make the class(es) invisible as desired...

[Another method that sort of works is the new Wall Sculpting feature (new in 2011). The only problem with this is that as far as I know it will not go around corners, which makes it pretty much useless for these sorts of moldings.]

EAP has one funny quirk: you cannot set the origin point of the profile shape until after the object is created; it will always use the profile's center line, which makes it tricky to guess. The solution is to trace the room perimeter and use that for the path object. After creation you can double click to enter/edit the profile and move it so that its edge aligns with the little center marks that will now be visible (in the edit window). All this sounds harder than it really is. Once you try it once and see for yourself it'll get very fast. Especially if you save a library of profiles to use as needed. One other tip: curves are very render-intensive. Try to keep your shapes as simple as possible in order to get the quality you need without overdoing it.

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Thanks for the help. For some reason when I create a Poly Line I'm only able to select "Extrude" and not "Extrude Along Path" why is this? I'm still using VW 12.5. Also, I'm able to get profile drawings of molding and extrude them, but it's hard to place them where I want them to go. Is there a better way.

With the method you mentioned, Im I able to get any shape I desire?

Do you have examples for the methods your talking about (i,e. Pictures)

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