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Vectorworks 2011-Renderworks-Cinema4D


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Simple question: I now work on Vectorworks 2010 with rendering (mainly stills) in ArtlantisStudio.

I would like to upgrade to Vectorworks 2011 with rendering (stills and animations) in C4D. Do I need Renderworks for that setup ?

Or can Renderworks considered to be an "only-stills-rendering-version" of C4D ?

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Hi Gerrit

Renderworks 2011 does stills, but can also produce animations by path or by fixed point. You don't necessarily need Renderworks for working with C4D, but it would mean you can texture as you go in Vectorworks and then send the file directly to C4D full version if you wish.


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Hi Gerrit,

You have the C4D V11.5 Render Engine in VW2011.

The Main difference to C4d is, the reduced capabilties of the VW built in Material editor compared to C4D.

After some testing I had the best results in C4d with a 3ds Export from VW2011.

It was the only method to get all components in a usable way from VW to C4d.

But then it was really cool.

If you decide to go for C4d as the Render App. you should at think about C4D Visualize to be able to do Sketch renderings and also use global illumination, which is producing wonderfull realistc results.

RW2011 doesn't have this capability anymore. (i wonder that nobody complaint about that loss).

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"RW2011 doesn't have this capability anymore. (i wonder that nobody complaint about that loss)."

I strongly suspect that the reason for the absence of complaints is that the capability is certainly there and working better than ever.

Go to View>Lighting>Set Lighting Options, the Lighting Options dialog box opens. Select the Indirect Lighting drop-down box to the number of bounces desired, and Bob's your uncle.

Works particularly well in combination with HDRI lighting, in which a HDRI layer background can be used as a source of lighting for a scene.

Dan Jansenson

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Thanks Dan,

for directing me to find the right Submenu.

A bit hidden.

I don't really understand that it is not labeled as "Global Illumination".

But hey, its there, and that is what counts.

After I found that now, and played arround a bit more, also with exporting to C4D, I must say that the new render engine is a real big present, as it is what Maxon previously sold as "The advanced Renderer" as an upgrade to the basic render engine.

So, what is now built in C4D is the same render Engine, that is built into C4D Visualize!

Yes, it is a giant Step forward in Rendering Speed and Rendering Quality.

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