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Vectorworks 2011 downgrade to 2010

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Fed up with the continuous crashing, unmoveable objects and screen / layer plane issues in Vectorworks 2011.

I've downgraded to 2010.

What a relief!!! I can finally get some work done.

I've been drawing for 5 minutes as of now... no crashes!!!

Vectorworks / Minicad user since Minicad+

This was worst release ever.

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i have to agree with Cal, i have been left very frustrated with the poor quality of VW2011 release, i have posted many problems here on the forums and have found that others too are having to deal with inconsistencies and features not behaving as expected. A glaring example is the fact that an image that could be imported into VW 2008 now cannot be imported into VW 2011 as it just comes through as a grey box! i Too now have to revert back to a previous version to get my work done because VW2011 just cannot hack it

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I have had a lot of weirdness with VW2011 as well. Often with files imported from older versions, but also with clean files originating in VW2011. So far I am soldiering on because there are some great features.

The weirdness has included:

- random disappearing objects. I've often had to cut/paste objects back in after retrieving them from an archived version of a file.

- trouble editing extrudes. Often the objects in the edit extrude mode won't select directly with the selection tool, but need to be selected using select all or by dragging a marquee around them.

- broken 2D views while using the custom stair tool, where the stairs look discontinuous in 2D.

- extrude along path objects randomly breaking in symbols brought forward from earlier versions. These objects suddenly jump to a new orientation, disconnecting from the rest of the symbol geometry.

- trouble in many editing modes because of the new planar objects. I notice VW now often jumps into rotated plan mode. I have avoided this mode in the past because it has caused some problems and I wonder if its causing many of the problems now.

There are lots of positives too, but the more I use it, the more oddness I seem to experience in comparison to VW2010, which seemed very stable.


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I've had the disappearing objects problem in an earlier VW. Turns out the objects were there, just not shown. When I cut and pasted from a saved version, I was adding duplicate objects to my drawing.

Someone posted this awhile back. Make all classes visible. Save the file and close it. When you open it again, your objects should be there.

My hybrid symbols were also converting to 2D symbols, but when I did this process, they were corrected.


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The grey box import issue is something I'm experiencing too Yoginathaswami - its not a problem with the image format - its a JPG in Photoshop. Or a GIF in Photoshop. Or in fact any format. Its a bit arbitrary, sometimes it imports, sometimes it doesn't, sometimes it imports then changes it to the grey box with the cross through it. Such is the wonder of VW2011. Possibly the least predictable and least resolved CAD software for some time - its a wonder Nemetshek had the timerity to actually release it like this.

It feels like a late beta product to me. I am just cross my ofice wasted money on it.

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