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making v.8.5 the default?

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This also is an annoyance for our interior designer. When you double-click a VW document, the OS searches for the latest version of the same application. If vw9 is on your machine, it will be used. Personally, I always open the application first, then open docs from within it. But, not everyone works that way. So...

You could just set up the OS to start vw8 on login. When you're explo-... using the Finder to find your documents, you can double-click on them and they will be opened with vw8, because it's already open. The other workaround I came up with for a network situation, if you don't want to have vw running all the time, and you use vw9 only occasionally, is to leave vw9's folder and contents installed, but move the actual application to someone else's drive (or the server's drive). Copy it to your drive when you need it, then delete it when you're done. Just some ideas.

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