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Ornate Double Curved Staircase


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Thanks everybody for all the help they have given me so far, the 3D drawing is looking alot better than I would have thought. I have a new problem. I am trying to create an ornate, double curved staircase. It starts on the second floor roof, comes down 9 steps to 6'x4' landing, and then curves to the left and right 8 more steps. It has 8 columns, 2 at each level change. I went through the custom staircases but there wasn't anything close. Does anybody know of a video or something that shows how to show this in 3D?

Thanks again.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hi Mark

The secret is to use a starter stair that looks part what you want, and then use the flight and landings tab on the stair configuration to add new elements to the stair as you want. Once you have added the starting and ending elevation, VW will work out how many stairs you need - you can then distribute them between different flights as you wish. You can change the turn angle of each segment as you wish too.

In a rush, so sorry I'm not being more specific, but if you need more help, please shout. In the meantime, this should get you started...


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Tamsin, Thanks for your idea. I tried that but this staircase was designed by an architect that had little concept with reality. The curved parts didn't match so I drew each step, converted it into a hardscape and gave each a different height. I have the stair part but I am not sure how to create the handrail and the columns. The columns I think I can just follow her plan and then extrude each one. How do I create a masonary handrail with the difference in heights? The top of the stairs is about 10'3" down to 4'. Also I want to add something that will look like her stone balustrades.

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