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Font problems

Phil Booth

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I created a drawing in VW 10.5 which used the Swiss 721 font. However, in VW2009 this opens in a series of boxes for each letter!

This is for a corporate document used by my client, so am needing save files as VW2009 to make amendments. I am using OSX 10.6 so VW 10.5 won't work now.

New drawings created in VW2009 display Swiss 721 OK.

I have opened the file in VW viewer 2010 and still get the 'box font'.

Also, I have just downloaded VW viewer 2011 which displays a chinese looking text.

Any ideas?

Need this to be sorted quickly if poss.


Phil B

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HI Phil,

This is what I would try.

Search your machine for the Swiss 721 font - it may be installed more than once.

You can use Font Book or the Finder to do this.

Font Book will tell you if it sees a problem with the font.

Assuming you only have it once:

Copy it to a thumb drive etc.

Rename / zip/ move it to make it unavailable to VW when you open a duplicate of the VW10.5 file.

Open the file.

Map the font to an dummy unused font.

Save the file.

Make your dummy font unavailable.

Restore Swiss 721

Open the VW file in 2009.

Map the Swiss 721 to the newly unavailable font.

Save the file.

Restore the dummy font.

There probably is a wonderfully more elegant way of doing this, with just two clicks - but this is what I can think of for the moment.

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