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Sort plants by category

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Roger you can use the Plant Category Record as a criteria filter. You need to be diligent though and ensure that all of your plants are categorised correctly and that the spelling is 100% correct in every instance.

OK I have gone through all my plant records making sure the category of each is correct. If I create a worksheet and include all categories, it's fine. If I then start to filter by category, the data disappears from all but the first category, ie, in subsequent categories all rows appear blank even though the "edit criteria" window tells me the items (plants) are being correctly sorted and counted . The "select data item" command also identifies each one, but no text appears in any of the row columns. Any help gratefully received.

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I don't understand why either, but anyway ... as above, it's fine if I just have one section, eg trees, OR shrubs etc, but if I then add further database rows for shrubs, perennials, climbers etc and enter new edit the criteria for these all of these appear as blank rows. They do have data in them, I know this because if I add new plants, new rows appear and I can identify them using the "select data item" command, but all text in the worksheet rows is invisible/absent except for the first section. I also notice that the formula "summarise items with the same name" does not work in the subsequent sections, only in the first one. The only way I can find round this is to produce separate worksheet lists, one for each plant category. The Getting Started with Landmark 2011 pdf download shows the sort of plant list worksheet I need (though I'd want to edit the columns), but does not explain how it was created. I have also been trawling through the 2008 Design Series and Fundamentals manuals to get this far, but now I'm stuck!

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OK here is (hopefully) a small file to illustrate the problem with some random plants. The plant list has captured all the data, but only the trees show up. Many thanks for the help. And yes I have been hitting the recalculate button, and any changes are indeed incorporated.

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You only have a formula for the acer. as for the other verieties add the formula in the database header.

I made the modification on you sample drawing and all works fine.

Remember after each sort (ie. shrubs, perennials, etc.) add the formula in the header.

Give it a whirl and let us know if you have any other questions.

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OK I'm finally there - with much help from Mike m and Bryan G - gratefully acknowledged. But I can't help thinking this should have been a great deal easier! The ability to produce a plant list from a plan, and to keep it updated, is a fantastically helpful tool for anyone in the landscape business and a good reason for using Vectorworks - but why make it so clunky to use?. The fields to be included will vary in different countries and according to the use the information will be put to - client presentation, costing, ordering etc, but surely sorting the list alphabetically and by plant category are pretty basic requirements for all of us. Why then do none of the standard sample worksheets do this, and why is information on such a basic task so very hard to come by? Does the process of customising a worksheet need to be so arcane? Sorry to gripe, but judging by some other postings on the subject of worksheets I'm not alone in finding this confusing, and as an Apple user I am accustomed to programmes being much more attuned to the needs of the end user.

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