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RW Camera linked to Viewport Issues

Teresa Hull

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1. Once I link a camera to a viewport, the camera no longer shows up in design layers nor in the Visualization Palate. The only way to access that camera seems to be via the viewport. I like to have a plan view that shows all my camera views, but it seems this is not possible.

2. Once the camera is linked to a viewport, there isn't a way to duplicate the camera (since it isn't available in the Visualization Palate, nor in a design layer).

3. If I duplicate the Viewport, the link to the RW Camera is apparently broken. Yet, in the Object Info Window, for "RW Camera:" it says "Yes". If I try to edit the camera, NOTHING HAPPENS. There is no way to change the view of the newly created Viewport.

Can anyone offer insight? What am I missing here?

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Strange how this thread didn't gain any traction--I'm having the same problems, and it's a pain.

Also in my experience, the links between camera and viewport are broken often under normal circumstances--not just when I duplicate it.

Also, it is illogical that, after linking, a Camera should not show up in the Visualization Palette.

Hopefully this will be fixed soon.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

When you create the Viewport from a Renderworks Camera, you do get a prompt asking if you wish to link the camera to the viewport. If you choose not to, the camera remains in the Visualization palette.

You can edit the camera by double-clicking the viewport and choosing Camera. I am not seeing the camera being lost when I duplicate the viewport though... I can duplicate a viewport and then edit the camera of each to show a different view.

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Has anyone "cracked the code" on editing a viewport once the link to the camera has been broken?

Here's what I did:

1) Create Camera "A".

2) Create Viewport "A" from Camera's view.

3) Duplicate Viewports 3 times, giving me Viewports "B", "C" and "D".

4) Edit Camera View for Viewport "A".

5) From Camera Plan View, duplicate Camera "A" three times (in the new position), giving me Cameras "B", "C" and "D".

6) Exit Camera View.

Now I'd *like* to edit the Camera view for Viewports "B", "C" and "D", but I cannot. The PIO says the viewports are linked to cameras (Renderworks Camera: Yes). I cannot change the view at all. Double-clicking on the viewport opens the "Edit Viewport" dialogue box, but even with "Camera" selected, when I hit OK, nothing happens.

If I could, I'd link Viewports "B", "C" and "D" to the newly-duplicated Cameras "B", "C" and "D".

Seems like the only way to get a different view for those viewports will be to re-create them.

(The fun part is that there are actually 10 camera views, so 40 viewports.)

Anyone have any better ideas?

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Maybe this should be more of a WISHLIST thing:

(1) More than one viewport should be able to be linked to a Camera.

(2) In the OIP for the Viewport, there should be a pull-down menu next to Renderworks Camera, which lists all the possible cameras the VP could be linked to.

(3) Cameras that are linked should still display on Design Layers, so the user can see what Cameras are where.

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