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Custom Window walls.


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The window wall OIP is very limited, and I was if there an easy way to draw a custom designed window wall and have that converted in to a 3d window wall object?

I suppose I can draw it in 2D, then convert to polygons and extrude, put in the glass and do the same process, and then rotate in 3D to where I need it.

However......if there is a fast, easier way I am all for that. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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Rather than starting from scratch, use the VW pio's to create a base object.

1. Model it as close as what you need using the wall pio

2. Convert to group the 2D definition and create a symbol

3. Convert to group the 3D definition from a copy of the wall pio and add it to the symbol.

4. Edit the symbol and make the desired changes to the 2D & 3D objects.

5. Insert symbol.

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