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rendering and memory in 2011


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I am working on a 3D model rendering of a 3 story house.

Whenever i try rendering (other then open GL)i get a "cinema 4D not enough memory" alert.

if restart the computer, close all background applications - i might be able to render one view, fast render only. After this it does not render anymore...

The file size is only 40Mb.

I have win7 32bit, 2Gb ram,2 Duo CPU E6750 266GHz

I ordered extra 2Gb ram (although max usage is only 3.5..).

Is there anything else i can try?

I worked so hard on this model, and if i can't render it's a big problem !!

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hi Tami

NV does talk this through in the system requirements. And I must also state that a lot of the knowledge in that document has also come from various tech support knowledgebase articles. I just put it all in one place and organised it a bit better.

I'm glad it's helping...

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Hi Tasmin,

I want to thank you again for doing your great work!!

I always check system recommendations and try staying up-to-date. In previous versions you were still able to work fine even if you didn't have the full requirements. This time, it appears to be not a recommendation but a MUST. It is a big leap, and not "just" another upgrade. That's why i believe the emphases should be different.

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Hi Tamarindi

Firstly, there shouldn't really be anything wrong with your current spec pc. I've done models on a Pentium 4HT with 512MB ram (Laptop) while using Cinema 4D 10.1 and I didn't encounter such messages. Have a look at my web site to see if my models are anywhere as close to the complexity of your model.

However I've encountered the message while using lightworks in previous versions of vw.

Personally, I think the problem is possibly a corrupt object or group or something so I would first suggest you check your model throroughly to track down the problem. Open a blank new drawing (a test drawing if you like) and copy and paste sections of your model rendering each time until the message comes up-then usually it's the last thing you copied and pasted that will be the problem.

Best of luck.

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Just speculating - similar to corrupt object idea:

Wireframe views are all good? OpenGL renders OK in VW2011, but Renderworks fails/crashes?

Did this VW model begin in a version prior to VW2011? If so, could this be an example of a texture not translating properly from the Lightworks engine to the Maxon engine, therefore causing render fail in VW2011?


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The file was created by another architect on a previous version.They used simple 2D objects. They draw in 2D using openings. no textures. no classes or layers. I replaced or updated almost everything. So i doubt if it's a texture issue.

Possible issues:

walls -> i used their old objects but added wall styles and textures

windows and doors -> i used what they put, but edited settings and classes.

The render does not crash.It stops with the prompt: "error: cinema 4D not enough memory"...

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