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I started working on the 2011. After many years being used to work with lighting and render options in a certain way i now realize everything has changed.

Lighting object do not respond as before.....

Is there a manual elaborating how to use the new rendering options (beside the short movie in the "what's new..").

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Hi Vincent,

For example:

when i open a file that i started in 2010:

All light objects not "lit". Although in the object info they are...

Lit fog - not working i tried creating new BG and nothing....

Rendering options: I appreciate the reduction in the options. I understand now i can control the specific options in 'custom", but i don't understand the "meaning" of the different options....

In textures: Again - nice change. however, i had some "tricks" using texture that now gone (for instance: to create "lit" object i used color transparency...now it's gone. But i guess there is clever way doing that.....dont know how....)

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Sorry can't help with lights and fog, haven't tried those yet.

Textures with transparency and/or masking will have to be adjusted to new settings, as do bump maps.

In 2010 I always used ambient in both texture settings and lighting, now in 2011 I hardly ever use ambient at all, however I have started using HDRI backgrounds and indirect lighting instead.

Color transparency is still there though, haven't tried it but under transparency in the texture there is a setting color......is that what you meant?

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I've found that files brought in from 2010 or earlier tend not to render as fast as fresh baked ones. I'm not sure why.

The light settings seem to be a bit more sensitive. While I used to jack my lights up to 4 or 5 hundred, now I'm keeping them down around the hundreds.

Lit fog works for me, but it doesn't show up until the end of the rendering. So you won't see it until you hear the "ding" of a done rendering.

The new texture shaders are cryptic to say the least. I'm not sure how I will ever remember what they do, as their name gives me no help at all.

But there are some nice features. Glow is what you're looking for in reflectivity to make lit objects. And they will even emit light.

Which brings me to my last point. The greatest improvement in the rendering engine is the indirect lighting option. Turn it on in the lighting menu. Yes it takes longer but the results are worth it.

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Vincent -

My point exactly: some explanation on the "logic" of HDRI and new texture is exactly what i need..... and no where to find.

Grant -

I think that you have a point. Imported light objects are not working properly. It's ok to create new ones....but it could be nice that NNA would mention it before we struggle....

Shaders are cryptic !! exactly. no idea how to handle it now. Again - a manual would be nice.....

And no...the "help" doesn't do the work this time. there are to many variants...

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