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Illuminated Lenses and Lit Fog options

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I am working on renderings for an event.

When a light is turned on, I want the front of the light (the lens) to be illuminated -- like it would be in real life. Is that possible? Is there a check-box somewhere for that?

It seems that the "Lit Fog" Renderworks background does not work with Spotlight instruments. But I can "Edit Light..." on a Spotlight instrument and check "Lit Fog". But what if I want to control the amount of fog for Spotlight instruments? It seems like the Spotlight instruments should behave like other lighting objects and respond to the RW background.

Does anyone have any insight to these issues?

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Great idea, Cris. Much simpler.

The accessory method has one advantage: It allows for different color gels in the gel frames. I've used it for "cheating" on presentation renderings. But it's pretty useless for anything else.

btw, has anyone figured out the new rules for how accessories know where to live relative to their instrument in the new 2011-3D-aim-the-instrument-at-the-focus-point feature?

The new stock accessories seem to be built laying face down. Do they insert along the centerline of the body of the instrument? (or along the vector between the 3D locus and the FP? - is that always the same thing? - do they insert normal to the vector?)

Does this mean I have to go back and rebuild all my old accessories?


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The first time you turn on lit fig in in a light object from the Vis Palette, VW creates a Render Background called Background-1 (or-x if you already have a -1)

You can edit the fog attributes from the Resource Browser by editing the fog render background.

There seems to be fewer options for lit fog in 2011 than in 2010. See attachments.

It's important to set the distance falloff for lights with lit fog to be something other than "none".



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How the heck do you edit the instrument model? I've been banging my head against the wall for hours trying to figure it out.

Edit: Alright, finally found it. I've tried adding in a flat disc to the front of a source 4 par body to get the reflection to show up, but no use. Also, is there a way to make the beam fatter coming out of the light body? My pars look like they're a point source, when I'd like the beam to be as wide as the housing when it exits.

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