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RW 2010 Brick Texture changes orientation


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I have constructed a brick clad building in VW 2010 (Mac) using RW to create material textures. I modified the built-in "Brick" pattern.

The result has been very good. However, when I recently opened the file, the brick went from running horizontally to running vertically.

How do I get the pattern back to its correct orientation? What happened?

Any help will be much appreciated!


Ed in Dallas

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Here is some stuff to look at:

For most textures, with the object selected and rendered, look in the OIP Render tab. There is a rotation box about half way down. Adjust the value by 90 deg.

Render type can affect this. Switch btw Plane and Perimeter.

Look through the Parts options, too near top of Render Tab.

Wall component class settings same as before?

Apply the Attribute Mapping tool.

Don't know why it changed.

Paste one of your brick textured objects into a new blank drawing and investigate it there. Renders will be faster.

Good luck!


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Im nor sure if this is the same or similar problem.

windows and doors inserted in walls,

the 2d shows the exterior finish wrapping properly,

but when rendered in 3d, the individual components render - instead of how one would expect the 2d to render.

wall components are set to render.

Setting the Object Info mode to "By Object" does change the window cut to render properly,

but the inside face of the wall changes to a different texture.

and not one that shows up in either the Class or Wall Styles Edit information.

help please.


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