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Pete (STZ)

Batch Export - Sheet Number / Title AND revision

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Just moved to 2011 from 2009 - and love the new automatic document co-ordination.

We use the Batch PDF export (separate files) when we issue drawings - which provides a PDF file with the sheet number and title in the file name eg A100 [Plans].pdf.... is it possible to create a script to get the revision number to appear there as well...

Currently we go through and edit the file names to add the revision number to the end.

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I'd like this too....I had to hand edit 260 file names last weekend to add the revision numbers.

Do Sydneysiders use Drawing Issue Sheets like we do in the UK - an A4 sheet sent with the PDFs listing each drawing and revision?

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Yes - in Sydney we do it similar to the UK.... Julien and co from OZ CAD have developed an improved title block and drawing management tool where you can update the revision no. of all drawings in one go.. Eg create next revision as "issued for comment" and it automatically adds the next incremental revision no to the title block.

Part of this is the creation of a drawing transmittal sheet (A4) size that is a Worksheet on a sheet layer.

So from a drawing management process all is good except for the renaming of the drawing sheets for record purposes.

In terms of drawing management we are currently looking at two options:


1. Create PDF of each drawing revision, and have file name in format [drawing no] [drawing title] [revision].pdf all stored in folder called PDF ARCHIVE...

2. Use drawing transmittal sheet to record issue date and person sent to

Pros: Simple and easy to access previous revisions quickly.

Cons: Have to rename file after creation. Disconnect with rest of project management software for issue of drawings.


1. Create PDF of each drawing revision, and have file name in format [drawing no] [drawing title].pdf and store in folders with the date of the revision.

2. Use drawing transmittal sheet to record issue date

Pros: No renaming of files (which often does not get done)..Great for collating milestone issues

Cons: Almost impossible to find old revisions of a file or print a current set from the most recent issues as you have to search through multiple folders.


1. Create PDF of each drawing revision, and have file name in format [drawing no] [drawing title].pdf and store in folder called PDF Archive

2. Create shortcut of files to project management software (ARCHETYPE)

3. Update revision no. in Archetype

4. Issue drawings and do document transmittal in Archetype.

Pros: Full record of when drawings were sent and who to - linked to contacts. The current set is always in the 'PDF archive' folder. You can go back and view previously issued sets as these are stored in archetype.

Cons: Have to enter the revision no. twice...(in the drawing and also in Archetype) and when creating new drawings have to import and setup new drawings.

How do others do it?

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We have a folder where all files related to the drawings are in. In that folder, all VW files are the current working documents. They never change names because of references to each other.

We never print directly from VW. When we want to publish drawings, we just export to pdf and name the pdf 'date vwFileName what.pdf' (for example: 2010-11-18 Mister X BA.pdf where BA stands for building application.) We then copy all VW files to a zip folder and that zip folder get's that date as it's name. These zip folders go to a folder History inside our main folder. This way, when someone needs to get the actual drawing files of a published plan, we can get the really fast.

As for the pdf files, when we got a newer version of some kind of plan, the older ones will also be moved to the history folder. This way, all pdf's in the main folder are the latest ones.

We worked on this for quite a while until we got to this method and I must say that it works really well.

This topic actually goes about batch export and then you can't put the date in the file name, but we then create a folder with the same method as above.

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I too would be interested in a way in which a revision can be added to the PDF export. I'm hoping someone has found the script or created one, and has forgotten to link it here. (I know nothing about VS)

Also, on the topic of revisions...

I have created a custom title block with custom revisions. Our blocks also have the current revision number in a box in the bottom left corner. Is there any way that I can automate this, so that the current revision is automatically shown here?

Thank you...

Awaiting reply

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Did this ever get resolved? I work in a practice where we use a custom title block. When exporting files we would love for the auto generated file name to include 'job number', 'sheet number', 'sheet name', and 'issue revision' (each as separate data fields). Currently we place all of these into the sheet name to force this through however this exclude use of the revisions manger and auto generated issue sheetswhich is becoming an increasing problem now that the jobs we work with are becoming larger. Any advice on this?

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Hello Jerram,


In Vectorworks 2018 you could use the new naming schemes of the Publish. From there, you could select from a set of predefined Title Block fields to be included in the name of the file and also you could write any custom text that you want to be displayed in the name.


Best Regards,

Nikolay Zhelyazkov

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