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VW 2011 - Modify Door Parameters


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We have just upgraded to 2011 from 2008. In the past I have modified the Door.vso for our Door Schedule by changing the Alternate Names of the User Fields in VectorScript Plug-in editor. I see in VW2011 the door object is now Door.vwobject and no longer appears in the VectorScript editor. Is it still possible to modify the User Fields in VW2011. If so, how would this be done.


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

This information is now stored in an XML file:


(There's one for the window, too.)

If you're doing this for a workgroup, you may want to put this (modified) file on a server and put just an alias/shortcut to the server file in this location.

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I don't recall whether it was prior to VW2008 or at VW2008, I lost the ability to set the preference to full break with caps for doors and windows.

Is there a way to enter the preference for that behavior using this file?



I mean, pre-edit the parameters so that all new doors and windows have a cap upon insertion as the default, as opposed to the full break with no cap that is the default....

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