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modelling italian strung curtains

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Hi all,

I'm hoping someone far cleverer than me can work out how to model italian strung curtains (see http://www.rosesleecollection.co.uk/page/gallery.html - the stairway curtains for an example)

I've modelled standard curtains by lofting between two wiggly lines, but I don't know how to create the stringing effect, where the curtains are drawn up to create a swagged effect, similar to a proscenium curtain.

Does anyone have any bright ideas on how I would begin modelling these?

Thanks very much in advance,


OSX 10.6.4

VW 2010

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Try :

1) Create sinusoidal 2D poly Profile of the basic curtain folds

2) Extrude to length of the mid 'pinch' cord

3) ConvertToMesh to create editable Handles at the ends.

4) Select some of those upper MeshHandles and move them selectively to create the 'pinching'.. repeat as necessary.

5) When pinching is complete >Duplicate the lower pinched mesh curtain by reflecting it to obtain the top of the curtain with pinch.

6) Adjust the upper & lower mesh handles for look & feel

7) Assign texture

8) Make mid-cord and top rail, as req'd.

I just made one of these ... took about 5 minutes. Looks ok for a quickie...

good luck .. please post your results ; )

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Sorry about the download times. Sometimes they start playing immediately, sometimes they take forever. I use mobile me to host it. It seems to depend on the mood at Apple on any given day...


A straight birail loft doesn't seem to like a sharp inside corner.

There is a variation on the loft object workflow that produces a better gathered or tabbed drape. The trick is getting the outside edge drape pleats to be straight and the rest to gather correctly.

In the past I've played around with diagonal tabs, which seem to look more realistic than horizontal tabs, and different rail shapes in the bottom part of the drape...

examples attached.



PS It has been pointed out that the drapes shown are not Austrian, but tabbed or opera drapes. With apologies to Austria. :)

PPS Forgot to say how this was done. Birail loft to get the top. Extract curve and use that as profile in bottom birail loft.

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