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2011 stability issues HELP!!


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Upgraded from VW 12.5 and I am crashing, and totally frustrated.

Specifically, crashes seem to occur with site models (can't select and modify nodes/objects = crash, and as soon as I hit 'upgrade' = crash.

When I grab a 2D node in plan and try to move it = crash.

Some files crash while opening before I can even look at them.

Sorry VW I can't just start from scratch with VW 2011. I need to be able to use the old files I've created.

I have been a huge fan of VW and quite a competent user (in 12.5) and I upgraded because the render engine upgrades looked worth it. This has been an extremely frustrating day 1. Hope someone out there has some advice.


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I'm also seeing serious stability issues.

VW 2010 is stable on my machine. But VW 2011, even a drawing started from scratch in 2011, often lags when zooming, flying over, changing views, selecting, etc. Renders hang. It's crashing 10 - 15 times a day.

I attribute some of it to my not being familiar yet with the new RenderWorks. And I've found a few symbols in the library that bring 2011 to it's knees. Fixing those really helped.

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