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I haven't upgraded to vw2011 but from playing with the demo and from what I've heard about it, is that once vw is activated, that serial number is now fixed to that computer. Am I wrong?

What happens when I upgrade my computer and I want to move vw to the new computer??

This is one part of vw2011 I hate. I never liked this with other companies and now it has come to NemV. :(

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IMHO, dongles are even worse.

I've recently heard from the OZ dealer that what Pat says is correct for Australia as well however you might have a third activation within 60 days if you have to upgrade your computer. Obviously I haven't tested this and I don't know about other countries.

This has put my mind at rest but this is no way better than just a serial number as in the past eg. I can load vw11.5 on my machine today without consulting with NemV. The new type of license is like being back in school and you have to get permission from the teacher everytime you want to upgrade your machine. I was a rebel in school :grin: I hated listening to teachers.

Anyway I shouldn't complain too much seeing I haven't upgraded yet. :(

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Windows 7

Maybe before doing this back up and know how to restore your Registry

This assumes Vectorworks 15 in the Registry is VW 2011 - I think it is

type regedit in the Start Menu?s Search box

Windows Registry:




Vectorworks 15


I think you can change the Serial here in Registration

And use at your own risk - PLEASE

I see it seems you also have VW 2009 installed - assuming that and it is Vectorworks 13 in the Registry and as above also assuming VW 2011 is Vectorworks 15 in the Registry

Good Luck!

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