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A very Large File


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I started a drawing, added plants, walks, a bluestone path, everything that you would noemally see. Now my drawing is 75.4MB and when I make a change, for instance adding a door, the program crashes. I am at a point where I make a change, save it and after it crashes, re-open the drawing, and repeat the process. Any idea how I can keep the drawings to a manageable file size? This is only our third 3D drawing so whatever I am doing, I would like to stop.

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75 mb is a pretty typical file size (at least for me). And it's no surprise that things slow down when the file(s) get that large. One thing I have found that might help is to place high-maint. objects (like plants or other complex symbols) into their own discreet class and make that class invisible except if/when you need to render or print. That allows me to continue working on other aspects of the file while speeding things up greatly. As far as the crashing, I'd tend to guess that there is one (or objects) in the file which are causing it. Hard to be more specific without having the actual file...

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Hey Peter, You typically create a file this size? How do you e-mail something like that? If I put the plants into their own class, right now i have them on their own layer, and I turn the class off, will that actually make the file smaller or just more manageable? One other question, when you create a 3D drawing how do you get around the limited images?

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Peter is correct about the size. 75MB isn't unreasonable. 2 or 3 times that size are common.

In addition to keeping slow to render objects in their own classes, I render them in their own SLVP and stack SLVPs so I only need to render them once. Or at least not as often.

Not many of my clients that get the original VW file. Most get pdfs. Partly because of printing problems w/ fonts and partly in interest of protecting my work.

When working long distance w/ other designers, Drop Box makes sharing drawings, however large, very simple.



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I'm not saying I like files that large, or that I purposely make them that large, only that it's pretty normal for a fully developed plan set derived (viewported) from a 3d model, especially if it includes 3d plants and trees. To send it I use a service called Yousendit Express which is a free file transfer service (up to 100mb). There are others which you can search the web for, or you can pay a small fee to upload and send larger files. Making a class (or layer) invisible does not decrease the file size, but does drastically cut down on screen redraw and render times therefore making the rest of the file a little less clunky to work with. One thing that might reduce the file size is to purge the file of unused resources. Often while designing I try this and try that but end up using something else. All those resources live in the file, even if they are not being used. Be careful when you purge to limit the purge to things you know you don't want in the file. Generally unused textures and plants will be the things that want to get rid of. When it comes time to render or print I turn those classes (or layers) back on and..... wait... Often, for higher end renders I start them before I leave for the day and they are ready in the morning. One question: what plants are you using? Are they full 3d models or image props?

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I had a file for 11-story building, 3D, BIM-friendly, with all the IFC stuff, and

without the furniture, plants, people, etc. the file was 380 MB - YouSendIt came in very handy :)

To reduce the file size I changed resolution from 300 to 150, turned off quartz imaging, simplified my GL options, and yes, final quality renderings and IFC conversions are better done during lunch or overnight...

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