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Equal points on a radius

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I am trying to build a trellis around a pool with several different curves. Is there a tool, method, etc. to offset on a curve?

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I think I'm not understanding your question - re equal points on a radius.

Have you tried the offset tool (Shift -)

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Are you trying to get equal post spacing on a curve which is an offset of the pool perimeter (or some other curved shape)?

Assumes 2d in Top/Plan view:

If the perimeter is made of several curves, make sure segments have coincident end points, then select all of them and then Modify>Compose. This should result in a single polyline.

Use the Offset Tool to make it (or a copy of it) bigger if necessary to represent the post layout curve.

For post placement, draw a 2d square or circle or whatever is the post cross section. Select this object and the layout curve. Use the Duplicate Along a Path command with curve as Path. Set parameters for number of posts.

Or are you doing something else?

Good Luck!


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Usually I use the offset tool but the outside of the trellis came up off quite a bit, ok but if you look closely, you can see it is off. I tried to use the 'Duplicate Along a Path' but I couldn't figure it out. When I open the 'Edit' tab, it does not light up. What am I missing?

Thanks for the tips, by the way.

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Try tracing the perimeter of the pool using the polyline tool - Tangent Arc mode.

The resulting offset will also be an arc based polyline and you can view/edit the radii in the OIP.

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