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Mat Caird

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Hi all

Why oh why is 3d snapping so poor?

Consider this;

Change to a 3d view, select the end point of a 3d nurbs -


Drag the nurbs to another nurbs, wait for the 'point' smart cursor cue to show up, the release the mouse button -


Now switch to a plan view (or any other view) and the nurbs are not touching at all -


You may have to look closely to see it, but trust me, they are not aligned.

WHY OH WHY does VW do this to me .....


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Mat, first ..make sure you switch to the 3D cursor and give it a try. Because you mention that you can see the mis-alignment when switching to plan view...without zooming in really far, I'm guessing you might have used the 2D cursor to move the line.

Now I will say this in case you did that, that if you do snap one nurbs curve to a point along another nurbs curve (not the endpoints) and zoom in really far, it may appear they the two curves are not connected, but there is an internal numerical representation of the curve and a numerical representation of the curve for the way it's drawn onscreen, kind of like 2D conversion res approximating a curved line. So even though it may appear the two curves are not joined, they are numerically joined for practical purposes, certainly for creating other geometry. Besides, you have to zoom in really close to see this anyways.

As far as snapping endpoints of nurbs curves using the 3D cursor, you can zoom in as far as you want and they'll be joined.

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It's that way many times Mat. I'd bet over 70% of user frustration with Vectorworks doesn't come from the software, but from users lack of knowledge about the software. It's a learning process we all go through though...you did the right thing posting here though next time you might ask before making a conclusion. I've certainly embarrassed myself several times by doing that.

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