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Vectorworks 2011 asking for a serial




We recently purchased vectorworks 2011 with an E license.

I have installed this on a windows 7 machine and activated it with our domain administrator account.

The problem is that, the administrator is not going to be using this software. Only one user will be using this software on this machine but when I log this other domain user into the machine and launch the vectorworks application it's asking for a serial key again.

It seems to be locked down to the user account. I've entered the serial key again but then it's asked me to activate over the internet again at which point I have stopped.

Why is it asking for a serial everytime a new user account launches the application? I though these were PC licenses

I called the distributor that sold us vectoworks and they said to share the administrator accounts vectorworks preferences folder under application data, which made no sense to me, why and how would a user account use the admins preferances when it has it's own folder? also it did not work.

Please help with this, I can't find anything related on the knowledge base

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As long as you comply with the license agreement EULA (see about Vectorworks Mac or Help menu Windows) for the E-series, you can have as many users per machine as you need. The serial# will be requested once per user and not to worry about the activations those are per machine. If you need further information feel free to contact your loca distributor or send your questions to tech@vectorworks.net

Juan P.

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