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VW 2011 Regen speed


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(Sean Flaherty): Generally in this release we have made a big push to keep the same kind of feeling overall, because people get into a VectorWorks rhythm as they draw and they like things to happen at this certain kind of lag. It is comparable to 12.5..

Based on the above quote, looks like NemV thinks of this as a "feature". Therefore I doubt this will be fixed in future versions and we're stuck with this unprofessional interface.

What a shame.


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"Certain kind of lag" - a feature!! Ha! Can I get a version without it? Personally Im not really up for having to work late and stay after hours for free cos of a feature lag!

I terms of rhythm I, my boss, contractors and clients expect the rhythm to be getting things done accurately in the least amount of time possible. The frustration that builds up while waiting for regen's means that things get lost or overlooked because Im not working to MY rhythm - Im WAITING for the software to catch up.

BCD - yeah a slider to control the detail you are working to and therefore the lag would be good or something that means detail is progressively shown. InDesign has three different preview modes - could VW do something similar with settings like Preview High, Preview Med and Preview Working for responsiveness . . .

Anything to improve workflow, speed and user satisfaction on this issue PLEASE . . .

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