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Section Viewports showing red


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I'm new to Vectorworks/3D modelling in general, so I'm sorry if this is a really obvious problem.

I am creating a section of my extruded model (with cutouts etc) and the interior parts where it would be solid, in the section viewport, show up red.

I've tried a few different sections and I know of others who had the same thing, is this a generic thing when you cut a section? And is there a way to get rid of it?


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There is a default class that controls the attributes of the section. Called "Section Style", I think.

You can change the color and pen weights of that class.

Or in the OIP of the viewport click Advanced Properties > Attributes Tab > and you can set the Section style to use any class you like



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As Michael says it is a new Class created by the Section Viewport process with predetermined graphic attributes of red fill and black 1.02 mm lines.

  • To change its graphic appearance you need to edit this Section Style Class.
  • There is no program preference for the graphic attributes of this Section Style Class. It just comes as it is.
  • The only way to vary its default appearance is to have that Class in your document prior to creating a Section Viewport. For example you could have it included in your template files.

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