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snap to object causes huge lag on a mac

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Here is a link to a movie. Nothing much goes on in the movie, which is, alas, a reflection of reality:


Let me explain:

I want to move an object - in this case a viewport, but any other object gives the same result.

With all snaps set to on - except the 'snap to object', I get instantaneous feedback, and have no problem moving the viewport.

Then I turn on the 'snap to object' and try to move the viewport again - and get a 25 seconds lag!!!!

Right here the movie gets very boring. it takes another 10 seconds just to turn off the snap, after which I can move the viewport again with no problem.

All settings in the smartcursor dialogue for 'snap to object' are set to off but I get the same delay, if they are set in any other combination.

How does that work on your setup?

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When stuff like this happens .. regardless of the program being used at the time,

i turn my attention to the Activity Monitor and take a sample of the offending process(s).

If there is a 'hung' process resulting in a crash, the Console log can be very useful.

Often there's a background/Class/Layer/Viewport preference setting ..such as...

Show/Snap/Modifier Others causing the program to search out & select > Object>Handles

throughout the entire file.

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Thanks for the feedback, Islandmon. I am not sure, that I am any wiser after using the Activity Monitor: I can see huge spikes in processor activity as soon as I turn on 'snap to object', which are not there, when it is off. I have turned off and turned down every potentially demanding setting and it makes little or no difference.

Then I exported the geometry and created a similar file in VW 2008. In this version the snap function works like - well like a snap - with no delay whatsoever.

I have worked with far more complex files in vW2008 and usually the first hint of 'fatigue' here is a lag in redraw - not in snapping.

In VW20011 the complexity of the model does have an effect on the delay time, but on my computer the lag starts already with fairly basic models, in that the objects tend to be left behind, when I do a click-drag-move.

So dear NNA: If it is a bug, I hope it will be fixed. If it is not, perhaps you should reconsider the code being used here - or at least reinstate the 'old' code as an option.

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