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Vectorworks Crashes

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I meant to type OS10.1 not OS10.2. Reading other people's problems I have 256MB RAM installed and have ensured that there are no other applications running and the crashes still happen. To those who say that it is good not to have to re-boot they are obviously not losing work in the process, and I am saving my work frequently. Furthermore, my VW files are not stored within the VW applications area they are currently self-contained and not particularly complex.

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I'm running in 'native' in OSX.1.2, and I find that VW crashes as often as 8.5.2 did before I shoved in 512MB of RAM.

I, too, save frequently, since the instability is something to which I've simply grown accustomed. No biggie. VW works better now, so the retained instability isn't high on my peeve list. In fact, it's a bit better than 8.5.2 since opening and closing tons of files is no longer one of the causes of crashing.

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We've started using vw9.5 in OS10.1.2 also, and are experiencing frequent but intermitant crashes as we cut and paste elements of old drawings into new ones. I've read elsewhere on this list that this has been a very stable setup for some people, and I'm wondering what's different between the "crashers" on this thread, and those stable others.

Meanwhile, I'll just set my save reminder to 10 minutes and be thankful VW doesn't bring down the whole works when it crashes....

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