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Grouping Issues


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I have been using the wall command to create my window and door casings within my symbol...it seems to only ungroup that.

I'm also having other difficulties with that in my linked reference files. In my original file the symbol shows up fine, then when I'm in another file with the linked reference some of the symbols show up with walls/tags upside down and flipped 180?.

I starting to think that it wasn't such a good idea to upgrade=( So far I would have to say that v2008 is my favorite!


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If your radiused molding was an extrude along a path I was having a similar problem with the extrusion "not staying put". In my case extrusion was created at Z=0, then moved into position to Z= 8.5'. After several operations including view changes extrusion reverted to Z=0. Not related to grouping or ungrouping or included within a symbol, but IHTH.

I believe it may be a bug.

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