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Selection tool selects objects in the background

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We recently hopped from VW2008 to 2011 and am so I am not sure if this is a bug or a feature.

The selection tool now snaps to points that are concealed - so for example if you draw a rectangle and then draw one on top of it that overlaps it the selection tool will pick up the corner of the rectangle that is concealed. We noticed it because on some drawings we had drawn tile layouts behind other objects and the snaps went crazy snapping to all the line ends and junctions.

It does not snap to hatches or to other layers, so if we organise drawings a little differently we could get round it, but I wondered if anyone knew if there was a way to toggle this behaviour off?

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Hi Ray, thanks for your response. We do indeed have NPoE checked. The issue is not that it will not snap to the object on top, it is just that we don't want it to snap to objects that are in the same layer, but hidden.

I think previously in 2008 it did not do this. If an object was in front of another on the same layer it did not snap to the geometry of the hidden object.

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