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Kaare Baekgaard

2D inconsistencies in VW2011

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I get a whole array of inconsistencies when drawing in 2D in screen plane mode. For instance the length and angle information on 2D lines change when I switch view - and are only correct in Top/Plan view.

I would expect the screen plane mode to work pretty much like drawing in 2D in older versions of the program - it looks the same.

Have I missed a vital point here or is it just beta-version rudiments, that have not yet been resolved?

Also: When I change the status of a 2D object from 'layer plane' to 'screen plane' in the Object Info palette, it jumps position relative to the screen, if it was originally drawn in a different view. What if I don't want it to? I belive, I aught to have an option to get a WYSIWYG conversion by ticking some box in the palette.

I originally liked the idea of drawing 2D objects in 3D planes, but I find it confusing a lot of the time. It seems wierd, that 2D objects cannot be brought to interact with each other, unless they are in the same plane.

So I want to be able to turn off the option and get a classic, consistent 2D environment. My logic tells me, that this would be the screen mode, but then I get all these inconsistencies...

Please fix this, NNA.

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im feeling your pain, its sending me loopy, there should be a function just to turn off the planes and work in 2D, would make life much simpler and helps avoid mistakes

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I reported the incorrect length as a bug - last week, it's very frustrating.


It's logical to me that the 2d object would jump to place if you toggle its plane, maybe I don't understand the nuances of your workflow.

Have you considered using a separate layer for your 2d guides and construct them all on the screen plane with Unified View turned off and Layer View Options>Show Snap others?

And using the shortcut Cmd Up arrow / Cmd Down arrow to toggle between layers?

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I often find while when gragging something in screen plane mode that the layer plane has become active and the object (3D) has moved off the screen plane which results in undoing, rechecking the screen plane mode and trying again.

I can't work out whether the plane selection is tool dependant or not.

I wish the plane I have selected would stay selected until I tell it otherwise.

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It's logical to me that the 2d object would jump to place if you toggle its plane

Its logical for me too - that was a wish list item. I can see how it could become useful.

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