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VW 2011 crashing

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Hey all,

We recently upgrade to VW2011 and are running into lots of crashing problems for no apparent reasons. Simple tasks like changing the fill of a rectangle or attempting to select an object have been causing the program to crash.

The files in questions are coming from a template file that was generated in VW12, then updated to 2010, and now recently updated to 2011.

Is there any reason to believe that there is some legacy problem in the file that is causing the crashing?

Have other experienced issues with slowness or crashing in 2011?


BTW, we are using 2.93GHz Intel Core i7 iMacs running OS X 10.6.4

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I have not had any crashing issues in 2011, actually am finding it to be quite stable.

As for the files, I often do have some issues with old files in newer versions, I try not to process my workflow that way.

I am sure others will pipe in with their take on this.

Do you have a lot of files to work like this?

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Currently most of our projects are on 2010 and work very well.

We upgraded to 2010 from VW12, then 2011 was released a few days later and we got that version for free so we thought might as well get "fully updated" since the transition to 2010 was almost seamless.

Unfortunately moving to 2011 has been a little bit of a nightmare.

Only a few projects have been tried. Some with great success and others that completely fail. It seems nearly impossible to understand why one works and not another.

However this particular project is the first one started fresh in VW2011. The only thing converted was a blank file with our default Layer and Class names in it.

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The other weird thing is that in one layout file the references all update without problem but in another layout file the exact same references seem to hang up and take longer.

I have purged all excess elements from all the files and that has seemed to help a little but as always the fear is that on the day of a deadline it will act up and decide not to update so quickly.

Next option seems to recreate the problematic layout file from scratch in 2011 to see if that makes it perform properly.

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