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ID Lable Tool for use with symbols

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Can someone direct me to a tutorial or help me with the process of developing custom ID Labels for use with symbols.

I am trying to use the ID label tool to identify plumbing fixtures. The plumbing fixtures are symbols that have a plumbing fixture record attached and populated with data. I am confused when reading the help section on ID label tool and Creating custom ID label symbols.

I believe that I need to create an ID symbol with a TagSchema attached and save in Plugins\Common\Data\ID_Symbols.vmx

This I have done and I can get the ID symbol in my drawing but I can not get it to recognize the plumbing record attached to the plumbing fixture.

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I'd like to know, too.

I've wrestled with the ID tool a couple times, but always lost.


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I have tried and tried to master the ID Label Tool,

But each iteration leaves me looking more like a fool,

Is there anyone who can help this frustrated creature,

with what should be an intuitive feature?

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I think you are missing the final step.

You need to run the document script Output ID Prefs in ID_Symbols.vmx to export the new record information.

Also make sure you are attaching the record to the symbol, be deselecting all before attaching the record, and not to a single piece of geometry in the symbol.

Also make sure the record names match exactly. A extra space at the beginning or end will cause a problem.

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Thank you for the comments. I am making progress. I have a custom label tool available in my design document. I successfully followed the 19 steps in the help section titled ?custom ID Label?

I still am having problems.

When I attempt to use the ID Label tool in my design document and place an ID tag the ID/specification tool pallet opens

ID Type: Plumbing Fixt Record is available for selection (My record format)

ID Style: Plumbing Fixture ID is available for selection (The custom ID label I created)

Duplicate Existing ID: has no selections

Create New ID checked

With the following options

Auto increment ID Label

Write ID Fields of records with match field: ?model? (one of the record fields)

I still am not able to get the ID Tag to recognize the symbol (a sink) record format. The text in the custom label will not populate and increment the symbol plumbing fixt record ID number. Text in custom ID label is linked to TagSchema ?Label? field.

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I want some guidance on this tool as well, seems like it can be very useful but looks under developed. I hope 2016 has made some changes to this...

Edit #1

As an end result what I would like to achieve is to connect the id label tool to a certain record format field. Just as described above, I tried it to achieve the same thing for the HVAC vertical duct tool but to no avail. Any help is appreciated.

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