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How fast is Renderworks 2011?

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Does anybody had a chance to compare Final Quality Rendering speed between 2010 and 2011? I run it yesterday for the file created in 2010 and figured out that rendering time for 2011 is LONGER than 2010. Is "render 5 to 7X faster with Redenderworks 2011" just a marketing trick?

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I could agree if I redo everything using VW2011 I can get the speed expected, BUT how about legacy between different version of VW? I have pretty large library of textures and symbols and it is too much work to redo everything every time when upgrade to newer version.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hello mk@ODS:

You shouldn't have to redo everything to see a speed increase.

But, are you talking about a file that rendered in 2 seconds in the previous version and now renders in 4 seconds in the new version?

For models where RW 2010 takes a long time you will see big improvements, for files where RW 2010 did not take very long you might not see big improvements in render speed. RW 2011 can render things in a reasonable time that you might not even have considered rendering with RW 2010.

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Hello Dave,

I am talking about file that renders about 10 min with VW2010 and about 20 min with VW2011. I understand that for some models could be big improvements, but why we should see lost of productivity for other models? Yet, textures, created with VW2010 look different when rendered with VW2011.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hello Mk@ODS: Can you email your file - I'd love to use it for testing if it is slower in RW 2011. Does it use blurriness or indirect lighting in the rendering?

DWorks: Lighting should be close but not identical. In particular if you have a light at say 70% it will look a bit darker in RW 2011. The light object defaults for example have been bumped up from 75% to 100% to account for the difference. The lighting options dialog has a new Emitter Brightness value to account for the brightness differences for lights that use physical units (Use Emitter on).

rDesign: Yes, the texture content has been updated for 2011.

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Dave is the guy who is actually in charge of the rendering engine and Renderworks for NV. He knows of what he speaks.

For those of you saying you should not have to adjust for every new version, you are correct. But remember, an entirely new rendering engine with many new features was installed in VW2011. There will likely be more differences between 2010 and 2011 that there would be if all the versions are <= 2010 or >=2011.

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In 2010 I used FQRW 90% of the time, so far in 2011 I've used it about 1% of the time and Custom RW 99% of the time.

The advantage with CustomRW is you can easily adjust settings that render faster and give a good impression of what the final result will be and then when everything is done choose better quality settings for the final output.

Here are my findings: Fast 2011 CustomRW renders equal 2010 FQRW in render times HOWEVER the big difference I have noticed is that in 2011 model complexity has little effect on render times, ie complex models render almost as fast as simple models (which btw I found a positive experience).

I never used radiosity (bouncing light) in 2010, now in 2011 it seems one can't do without! Having said this the actual radiosity settings can contribute to longer render times.....

To answer your question directly, in my experience a render in 2011 of the same quality as a FQRW render in 2010 does render 5-7 times faster!

From earlier posts: http://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Main=29587&Number=145110#Post145110

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