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Line thickness issues exporting to DWG

Alan Boughey


I have exported several drawings to DWG and on each occasion have had problems with the line thickness that appears in the DWG file. The 0.7mm line thickness used in VW appears like it has been drawn with crayon when the DWG file is opened. Is this a problem with the export mapping?

Is there anyway to stop this from happening?

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I initially did not use 'map line weight to colours' as I was exporting for ACAD 2011 (ACAD for mac in particular). I subsequently did try using colour mapping. The problem with using this method for ACAD for mac is that the assignment of colours to lineweights for plotting in ACAD for mac requires definition in a plot table and ACAD for mac does not allow you to create plot tables.

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Ray, the file I exported included design and sheet layers. The model was drawing in 1:1 and the view port on the sheet layer was also 1:1 (the drawing was a P&ID schematic where I create the overall schematic in model space and then block out areas using viewports on sheet layers to make the set of drawings)

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I exported the file into a dwg and opened the dwg file in AutoCAD.

The display of lineweights in AutoCAD can be controlled by typing in the command line the following command (without quotes) "LWDISPLAY" (On/Off) to turn on/off the display of the lineweights on screen.

Or you can set the display scale of the lineweights by typing "LWEIGHT" and adjust the display scale of the lineweights.

I am assuming that the above commands are available on the Mac version as well. (The last time I used on AutoCAD a Mac was R12, after which Autodesk abandoned the Mac platform)

AutCAD's default lineweight display is rather coarse by default, it is not vectorworks fault.

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