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Is any one else disappointed with the new worksheet interface? Everytime I open an old file containing a worksheet in version 9.5, the worksheet size changes and I have to go in and resize objects do get my drawing looking good again. If that is not bad enough, when I am imputting information in a worksheet what you see when your inputting is not what you see on the drawing. When I widen the column to make sure my data fits, I find out that on the drawing it displays alot wider. Does Nemetschek ever use their products?

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I have had the same problem. When converting a drawing from VW 8.5.2 to VW 9.5 or VW 9 the size of the worksheet will change. This can create a good deal of work cleaning up and modifying the drawings.

What is causing this, and is their a solution to the problem?

It seems like the height of the rows is larger in the 9,5 worksheets than in the 8.5 worksheets.

Thanks to anyone who can help.

MAC G4, 512MB ram, OS 9.1.

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I'm not sure but... I think the wider rows is a fix on an old problem. I have an empty column in all my worksheets that I set the text size larger than in the other columns so that text doesn't appear "jammed".... v9 looks good without doing that but now.... text is "jammed" to the left or right of the column... now I have to blank colmns between data colums just to space things out a bit.... seems I can't win.

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lets face it, the worksheet feature flat out stinks in this program and seems to be getting worse. Not only is what you see, not what you get on the page, but it is cumbersome to use, and lacks the functionality of several other similar programs on the market. Clearly there are plenty of examples out there of how to do this the right way. And for the love of god, will you please include WORD WRAP in the next version so that our tables and schedules do not have to extend into infinity!

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There were a number of complaints about the worksheets appearing squished in VW 8.5. There was not enough room between the text from row to row. To fix this problem, a pixel was added above the text and below the text to give it a better look. Unfortunately, if you bring a drwing from 8 into 9 and it has several rows, you will have to resize the text to get the worksheet to fit.

I strongly recommend posting any wish list requests on the message board under the Wish List link, or submitting them to tech@nemetschek.net. This will ensure that the wish list request will get added to the internal wish list database for review by the engineers.

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