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Benson Shaw

Site History

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I'm creating an ongoing site history of a 1/4 section farm. Buildings have been demolished or moved, pivot installed, drain swale established, areas switched in and out of dryland farming, etc, etc. 2 property edges are defined by roads. A canal defines another. New photos show the pivot irrigation center and concentric tracks. No ground survey available.

The mods are documented by annotating aerial photos (USDA survey), a new one every year or two: Photo into a design layer, trace features on another layer, create a SLVP and note the changes. Photo layer set to invisible in VP

Goal is to have an SLVP for each new aerial with road outlines and simulated prop line appearing unchanged.

The photos (and 1 satellite image) are not from same viewpoint. I'm tracing then trying to resolve differences with the shear tool. But then the trace no longer fits the photo.

Any alternatives?


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HI Benson,

I think you'll be more successful editing your imagery in photoshop first to correct lens & perspective distortion, rotation and scaling.

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This is a thorny problem ... Goggle Earth offers solutions via the ' kml' files:


Starting Location














In other words, you can match the Aerial Photos using Layer Masks in Google Earth..

then export the data via kml and then use the lat-long-tilt-roll-altitude information to manipulate

the various perspective views in VW coordinates> xyzijk .

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OK, Thanks bcd and islandmon.

I think you are both suggesting that I choose one photo, maybe the satellite one, to be the standard. Then through manual (bcd/photoshop) or numeric (islandmon/GE.kml) stretching and compressing, make all the other photos align features to the standard one, then import into VW for a new trace?

Is that correct?

I am getting nowhere with kml. Guess I need the Google Earth Pro.


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