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Classes in a Sheet Layer


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Hi all,

I am sure this is a simple one but can't seem to find the fix.

I have created my viewport in a class called "viewport crop" and placed it on a sheet layer. When I return to that sheet layer, the viewport does not appear because the class got turned off somehow? How do I fix this?

TY Jeremy

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Yes, this is what I have been doing turning the class back on in the Navigation Palette. Putting it in "None" makes sense though. I was wondering if, similar to "Saved Views" I had the ability to set classes/layers on or off in the Sheet Layer... that was the dialog box I was looking for. TY Jeremy

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Viewports and Viewport Crops need to be in a Class that you are never going to turn off or gray. That is why they should always be in the None Class. A simplistic way to view the None Class is that it means no Classification. ie. that it is a generic class to be used for objects that don't have or shouldn't have a specific Classification.

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Jeremy, are you looking for the Viewport Class Overrides? Activate the sheet layer, select the VP and in the OIP click the "Classes" pulldown. These visibility and class attribute settings (in the Edit button) affect only the VP. The objects do not change visibility or other attributes in their design layers or in other VPs.


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You can certainly create a saved view that will take you to a sheet layer with a given set of classes turned on/off.

That being said, it is probably better to keep the viewports in a class that is always on so you don't get that second of dread when you switch to the sheet layer and all the viewports are missing.

I don't agree with Mike about the crop always being in a visible class. If you don't want to see the crop object it is perfectly reasonable to put it in an invisible class. But I would put all of them in the same class (or one for crops you want visible and one for crops you want invisible). It is easier to remember how to get them back when you do want them (for editing purposes).

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One of the early lessons using VW was as Mike says

Viewports and Viewport Crops need to be in a Class that you are never going to turn off or gray. That is why they should always be in the None Class.

It bugged me though and I had a project come along where on a Sheet Layer for the client and contractor I had to show things but for the council hide things

My work around was to give Classes I can turn on or off to display Viewports and Viewport Crops a prefix like AAAClassName so in my Class Lists they always are on the top of all other Classes - works well for me but you must be very careful

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